Keston Combi C30 & C35: Features & Benefits

As a combination boiler, the Keston C30 and C35 models provide homes with heat and hot water without the need for a separate water tank. With up to 7 years warranty†, energy-saving features and twin flue capability of up to 27m**, select a Keston combi boiler for hassle-free home heating.

The Keston combi boiler range offers first-class comfort in a compact, wall-hung appliance small enough to fit inside a standard kitchen cupboard*. Fully modulating and highly efficient, this combi is available in two output options: 30kW and 35kW. Combining flexibility with a user-friendly design, the Keston C30 and C35 boilers feature carefully selected components chosen to maximise reliability.

By connecting them to the unique Keston Twin Flue System, the C30 and C35 Combi boilers can be situated almost anywhere in your home. While a conventional combination boiler uses a concentric flue and must be installed on an external wall, the twin flue C30 and C35 can be sited up to 27m** from the flue outlet, offering a flexible home heating solution for a variety of domestic installations.

An LPG conversion kit is also available, providing a simple gas conversion solutions for home heating systems that run on either natural gas or propane without the need for products to be adjusted.

Keston C30 and C35 is Boiler Plus compliant out of the box as a weather compensation kit is supplied as standard. This allows your boiler to measure the outside temperature and adjust the boiler flow accordingly to reach an ideal and consistent temperature, thus saving energy.

Designed to deliver maximum comfort all year round, the Combi range allows heating and hot water functions to be controlled independently. Together with inbuilt frost protection and weather compensation supplied as standard, Combi is a central heating solution you can rely on.

Search for a qualified installer in your area and upgrade to a Keston C30 or C35.

  • 7 year warranty†
  • Easy to see pressure gauge
  • Large backlit display with user friendly controls
  • Low lift weight
  • Low component count, maximising reliability
  • Compact dimensions
  • 50mm muPVC (PVC-C) solvent weld flue allowing simple, cost effective installations***
  • Weather compensator supplied as standard making Keston Combi Boiler Plus compliant out of the box
  • Pre-fitted filling loop
  • Inbuilt frost protection
  • Fully modulating
  • LPG conversion kit available

* Please check cupboard size prior to installation.

** For the maximum total equivalent flue length please refer to the installation manual.

*** The only systems approved for this application are: Marley muPVC (PVC-C) Solvent Weld Waste System (50mm), Polypipe System 2000 muPVC (PVC-C) Solvent Weld Waste System (50mm), Polypipe Terrain Solvent Weld System (50mm) and Wavin Osma PVC-C Solvent Weld System (50mm). Please use the recommended Solvent Weld Cement for each system.

† 7 year warranty when installed with a Keston filter and registered within 30 days of installation. 5 year parts & labour warranty as standard. Terms and conditions apply; click here to read them.

Boiler images are for illustrative purposes only.

  • 7 Year Icon 7 YEAR WARRANTY†
  • Twin Flue Icon TWIN FLUE SYSTEM
  • Weather Comp Icon V2 WEATHER COMPENSATOR

Controls & accessories

  • Keston Rf Electronic Thermostat

    RF Electronic Programmable Room Thermostat

    This Radio Frequency (RF) digital timer provides heating and hot water control via a simple user interface.

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  • Keston Filter 22mm 4

    Keston 22mm System Filter

    The Keston 22mm System Filter is a magnetic filter for use with Keston Combi and System boilers. The compact design is easy to install and fits on horizontal or vertical pipework in both flow directions.

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