Heat 2 Cascade: Features & Benefits

Keston Heat 2 Modular Cascade Systems are a great solution for heating your residential or commercial premises. The packs include flow and return headers with mixing header and gas header, all complete with fixing brackets.

Flexible stainless steel pipe and connections are supplied for easy installations, together with pressure relief valves, boiler shut off valves and drain cock. These features provide all you need for your modular boiler installation.

An Effective Commercial Boiler Cascade System

Flow, return and low loss headers, together with the flexible boiler connections, are all pre-insulated for extra convenience. Separate single boiler frame kits are also available for use with in-line kits if that better suits your needs.

The Heat 2 cascade system is built to Keston’s high standards, complies with all standards and regulations, and is made to last. Our impressive 5 year warranty† lets you know you can count on your central heating when you need it most. Plus, a compact size means it’s possible to replace existing standard efficiency floor-standing boilers with ease.

  • Fit easily through standard doorways
  • Lift weights are as low as possible
  • Maximum outputs of 330 kW available
  • Compatible with a Keston Sequencer
  • All pipe work connections are supplied with either the boiler, header kit or are pre-assembled to the header kit
  • Supplied with a low loss / mixing header, saving time and money on the installation
  • Extremely compact dimensions allow for replacement of existing standard efficiency floor standing boilers
  • All flow and return pipe work is pre-insulated
  • 5 Year Icon 5 YEAR WARRANTY†

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