Keston Heat 2 45 & 55 Boiler: Features & Benefits

Combined with a twin flue up to 18m* in length, this model offers a flexible heating solution for a variety of home and business installations. Available in outputs of 45kW and 55kW, choose this condensing twin flue boiler to benefit from a 5 year parts and labour warranty†, free commissioning† and an inbuilt pump.

The Keston Heat 2 boiler is one of our market-leading solutions for challenging domestic and commercial installations. While a traditional boiler uses a concentric flue and must be housed on an external wall, the Heat 2 offers up to 18m* of twin flue capability, making it a flexible heating solution for a variety of problematic installations.

Available in natural gas and LPG variants, this boiler has been engineered with carefully selected components to offer exceptional reliability and longevity. Designed to be straightforward to install and service, Heat 2 is a highly efficient condensing boiler with up to 110% part load efficiency to help reduce running costs.

This room sealed, low NOx emissions appliance has been certified with a Class 6 rating, ensuring nitrogen oxides are not released during the heating process. This means cleaner emissions and cleaner air around your home, which contributes to improved overall air quality.

Additionally, this model is easy to cascade and compatible with our frame and header kits, allowing outputs of up to 330kW and making it ideal for modular (cascade) boiler installations. Interested in upgrading to Keston Heat 2? Find an installer near you.

  • 5 year warranty†
  • Free Commissioning†
  • LPG variants available
  • Condensing outputs 45 & 55kW
  • Inbuilt pump (low energy modulating)
  • Minimum pressure 0.3 bar
  • Minimum head 3m
  • Twin flue up to 18m*
  • 5:1 turndown ratio
  • Small installation footprint
  • Low NOx Class 6
  • 50mm muPVC (PVC-C) solvent weld flue allowing simple, cost effective installations**
  • Commercial control system compatibility as standard
  • Can be installed in a cascade producing up to 330kW (6 boilers)
  • Cascade control options
  • Built in, serviceable flue Non-Return Valve
  • Exactly the same footprint as Heat, allowing for easy like for like replacement
  • Easy servicing; 3 sides removeable

* For maximum total equivalent flue length please refer to the installation instructions for full details.

** The only systems approved for this application are: Marley muPVC (PVC-C) Solvent Weld Waste System (50mm), Polypipe System 2000 muPVC (PVC-C) Solvent Weld Waste System (50mm), Polypipe Terrain Solvent Weld System (50mm) and Wavin Osma PVC-C Solvent Weld System (50mm). Please use the recommended Solvent Weld Cement for each system.

† 2 year parts & labour warranty as standard. 5 year warranty available subject to being commissioned by Keston Boilers. Free Commissioning only available when a Keston 28mm System Filter is installed with a single Keston Heat boiler; not available on multiple boiler installations. Terms and conditions apply; click here to read them.

Boiler images are for illustrative purposes only.

  • 5 Year Icon 5 YEAR WARRANTY†
  • Twin Flue Icon TWIN FLUE SYSTEM
  • Frame Header Icon FRAME AND HEADER KITS
  • Modulating Icon MODULATING PUMP
  • Weather Comp Icon V2 WEATHER COMPENSATOR

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    Keston 1.25" System Filter

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