RF Electronic Thermostat: Features & Benefits

The electronic thermostat offers a wide range of functionalities, including timed heating control and scheduling. This helps you to easily and efficiently manage your domestic heating system, improve energy efficiency, and ultimately lower your running costs.

The RF Thermostat allows property owners to control their room temperature with ease using 7 day timed control of their central heating. The thermostat’s simple user interface displays room temperature, the time and any fault messages, which allows you to monitor and manage your boiler from one central point. Its intuitive design automatically updates to summer and winter time, so you never have to worry about updating your thermostat manually.

Wireless communication via Opentherm technology allows you to connect your gas central heating boiler with the room thermostat. This makes for easier thermostat installation, improved flexibility and greater efficiency. The thermostat will pick up on the temperature of its surroundings and communicate this with your Keston boiler, ensuring your heating system provides an ideal accurate temperature at all times.

Controlling the temperature of any building during the winter months can be particularly problematic, but the RF Electronic Programmable Room Thermostat includes built-in frost protection, designed to prevent your boiler unit from freezing. Thanks to the thermostat, your central heating will intuitively turn on when the temperature lowers to a predetermined level. This prevents damage to your heating system, protecting your boiler and your property.

Is the RF Programmable Thermostat Boiler Plus Compliant?

Many consumers and installers look for Boiler Plus compatible controls as guidance states that all new combi boilers must be fitted with ‘advanced heating controls’.

The Keston RF Thermostat incorporates a range of automation and optimisation features which improve efficiencies, making it a fully Boiler Plus compliant thermostat.

How to Connect a Room Thermostat to Combi Boiler

The RF thermostat is a wireless programmable room thermostat for combi boilers. It’s important the thermostat is fitted correctly in compliance with all regulations.

Download our user guide and fitting instructions or, for additional guidance, search for a registered Keston installer.

  • 7-day timed control of central heating
  • Automatic time updates (Summer/Winter time)
  • Room temperature control
  • Wireless communication via Opentherm connection
  • Simple user interface including fault messages
  • Built in frost protection
  • Holiday Mode
  • Boiler Plus Compliant (Optimisation)