Keston 1.25" System Filter: Features & Benefits

The Keston 1.25" System Filter has been specifically designed for the Keston Heat 2 single boiler installations on larger heating systems.

How a Magnetic Filter Makes Your Boiler More Efficient

Magnetic system filters help protect your boiler from the debris that can collect over time, including the iron compounds that build up when water runs through your central heating system.

This can have an impact on how efficiently your boiler is able to run, which means it needs to use more energy and work harder to provide the warmth you need. This 1.25" magnetic system filter can remove impurities from the water in your central heating system.

By helping your Keston Heat 2 run more efficiently, this handy appliance can save money on your energy bill and help your boiler last longer.

  • Enables FREE COMMISSIONING​ on single Keston Heat boilers†
  • Specifically designed for larger heating systems
  • Can be fitted on vertical or horizontal pipework, orientation up to 45 degrees from vertical for restricted spaces
  • Full bore valves to reduce pressure loss and enhance system efficiency
  • Easy to clean and service the filter via the drain valve
  • High quality components and robust, pressure tested construction for maximum reliability
  • Simple to install

† 2 year parts & labour warranty as standard. 5 year warranty available subject to being commissioned by Keston Boilers. Free Commissioning only available when a Keston 28mm System Filter is installed with a single Keston Heat boiler; not available on multiple boiler installations. Terms and conditions apply; click here to read them.