Keston 22mm System Filter: Features & Benefits

This filter has been specifically crafted for use with Keston Combi and System boilers, extending the warranty of both boilers from 5 to 7 years† as it improves overall efficiency of the heating system. In turn, installing a system filter also reduces boiler running costs.

Keston 22mm System Filter works by ensuring any build-up of sludge or debris does not block your heating system and cause damage to the boiler. The filter attracts contaminants and removes them from the system, ensuring only clean water is circulated back to the boiler.

The compact design is easy to install thanks to rapid fit connectors and a quick release trigger, making the filter quick and easy to remove and reinstall when undertaking annual servicing or a system flush. It fits on horizontal or vertical pipework in both flow directions and is capable of both non-magnetic and enhanced magnetic capture.

Used either as a combi boiler filter or magnetic system filter, Keston 22mm System Filter is a must-have twin flue boiler accessory.

To give your boiler a boost and improve its efficiency, find a qualified installer in your area.

  • Extends System and Combi warranty from 5 to 7 years​†
  • Easy to install, fast and easy to clean
  • Easy to clean and service the filter via the drain valve
  • Protects the boiler from a range of magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants
  • High quality components and robust, pressure-tested construction for maximum reliability

† 7 year warranty when installed with a Keston filter and registered within 30 days of installation. 5 year parts & labour warranty as standard. Terms and conditions apply; click here to read them.