7 Year Warranty Continues in 2019

Keston Boilers are very proud to announce that the 7 year warranty on Keston Combi and System boilers will be continued into 2019.

Introduced at the start of 2018, the standard warranty on the Keston Combi and System ranges will continue to be 5 years. Boilers must be registered with Keston Boilers via the Keston website (www.keston.co.uk), Installer Connect (www.installerconnect.com or via the app) or over the telephone (01482 443005) to be eligible for this warranty.

When Keston Combi or System boilers are installed with the Keston 22mm System Filter and the boiler and the filter are registered at the same time, the boiler warranty will be extended to 7 years. Full terms and conditions can be seen here.

The Keston 22mm System Filter is a standalone product for use with all Keston Combi and System boilers. It is forged brass, fits vertical or horizontal pipework and is supplied with quality isolation valves. Boilers and filters are available now from merchants.

Changes to the Keston Heat warranty will be announced shortly.

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