Features & Benefits

Supported by a 5 year parts and labour warranty† and Free Commissioning†, Keston Heat is a reliable and efficient wall hung solution. The quality of this product range has been developed through meticulous design, careful component selection and proving; leading to reliability and longevity.

The range provides high efficiencies for low running costs with up to 110% part load, seasonal efficiency (ref Building Regs Part L2) up to 97%. The range also provides low NOx emissions at Class 5 and at less than 40mg/kWh achieves maximum points under BREEAM schemes. Keston Heat provides the perfect solution for a wide variety of commercial installations.

The Keston Heat range of boilers are easy to cascade using our frame and header kits, where outputs of up to 330kW are possible.

  • 5 year warranty†
  • Free Commissioning†
  • LPG variants available
  • Condensing outputs 45 & 55kW
  • Inbuilt weather compensator
  • Inbuilt pump (low energy modulating)
  • Minimum pressure 0.3 bar
  • Minimum head 3m
  • Twin flue up to 21m*
  • 5:1 turndown ratio
  • Small installation footprint
  • Low NOx Class 5
  • 50mm muPVC (PVC-C) solvent weld flue allowing simple, cost effective installations**
  • Commercial control system compatibility as standard
  • ECA listed
  • Can be installed in a cascade producing up to 330kW (6 boilers)

* For maximum total equivalent flue length please refer to the installation instructions for full details.

** The only systems approved for this application are: Marley muPVC (PVC-C) Solvent Weld Waste System (50mm), Polypipe System 2000 muPVC (PVC-C) Solvent Weld Waste System (50mm), Polypipe Terrain Solvent Weld System (50mm) and Wavin Osma PVC-C Solvent Weld System (50mm). Please use the recommended Solvent Weld Cement for each system.

† 2 year parts & labour warranty as standard. 5 year warranty available subject to being commissioned by Keston Boilers. Free Commissioning only available when a Keston 28mm System Filter is installed with a single Keston Heat boiler; not available on multiple boiler installations. Terms and conditions apply; click here to read them.

Boiler images are for illustrative purposes only.

  • 5 Year Icon 5 YEAR WARRANTY†
  • Twin Flue Icon TWIN FLUE SYSTEM
  • Frame Header Icon FRAME AND HEADER KITS
  • Modulating Icon MODULATING PUMP
  • Weather Comp Icon V2 WEATHER COMPENSATOR

Controls & accessories

  • Keston 28Mm System Filter No Background

    Keston 28mm System Filter

    The Keston 28mm System Filter is a magnetic filter for use with Keston Heat boilers. The compact is easy to install and fits on horizontal or vertical pipework in both flow directions.

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