New High Rise Flue Kit provides uncomplicated compliance

Suitable for all buildings in England and Wales higher than 18 meters, our new High-Rise Flue Kit is fully compliant with the latest building regulations (The Building Regulations 2020, Part B – Fire Safety, Volume 1) which require that, amongst other conditions, materials which become part of the external wall in a relevant building do not contribute to external fire spread. The kit is also suitable for installations in Scotland above 11 meters, in accordance with the Building Standards Technical Handbook 2020: Domestic Buildings.

An uncomplicated solution

Constructed of high-quality 316 stainless steel, our new High Rise Flue Kit offers a corrosion resistant alternative to other non-combustible or fire-resistant materials, such as aluminium, and is therefore compliant with the revised legislation covering materials allowed as part of the make-up of external walls.

Simple to install, the kits are compatible with the Keston Combi 2 and System 2 boiler ranges and provide heating engineers with versatile solutions for new and replacement heating systems. Enabling straightforward connection to Keston approved MuPVC/PVC-C flue systems within buildings, it contains an air outlet and flue terminal, alongside fittings and thread sealant to further simplify installation.

Our new High Rise Flue Kit provides a clear route to compliance and tick all the boxes when it comes to improving the fire safety of high-rise buildings.

For more information visit our high rise flue kit product page.