Mechanical Boiler Timer: Features & Benefits

Simple to use and easy to understand, this plug-in boiler timer uses an intuitive ‘tappit’ dial to help users control their central heating system. As well as being easy to install, it’s a great option for ensuring your home is kept warm and cosy when you need it most.

How to Set a Plug-In Mechanical Timer

The Keston mechanical timer for your combi boiler is very easy to use. Simply turn the outer dial clockwise until the arrow printed on the dial is aligned to the correct time.

The ‘tappets’ on your timer should be set to the outer edge for periods when you want the heating to be ON.

When you want the heating to be turned OFF, leave the tappets set to the inner edge.

The hours on the timer are displayed in the 24 hour clock. That means 8.00am is displayed as 8 on the dial, while 8.00pm is displayed as 20 on the dial.

For more information, please see the User Guide below.

  • Easy to use
  • On/off/time selection
  • Simple tappit dial
  • 24hr timer