7 Year Warranty Introduced For Keston Heat Boilers

Keston is pleased to announce the launch of a 7 year warranty for Keston Heat boilers from Monday 6 August 2018.

To qualify for the 7 year warranty, Keston Heat must be:

  • Registered with Keston Boilers via the Register Warranty Form, Installer Connect (or via the app) or over the telephone (01482 443005)
  • Commissioned by Keston
  • Installed with the new Keston 28mm System Filter

The Keston 28mm System Filter has been developed in partnership with market leading filter manufacturer Adey. With extra capacity, the filter is designed specifically for larger systems, making it the perfect solution for Keston Heat installations. 

Benefits of the filter include:

  • Designed for larger heating systems
  • 360° rotational valves providing multiple installation options
  • Bi-directional flow means either port can be an inlet, increasing flexibility
  • Ultra-thin sheath to enhance magnetic capture
  • Low profile drain valve designed for easier servicing and dosing
  • Rapid fit connectors for faster servicing

Keston Heat comes with a 2 year warranty as standard, which rises to 5 years following commissioning by Keston. Installing the Keston 28mm System Filter as well will raise the warranty again to 7 years.

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